About us

R1 has been successfully operating in Italy and abroad in the field of technology, innovation, strategic consulting and internationalization.

We help our customers to achieve substantial and long-lasting improvements within their performance through our commitment. We assist SMEs in Italy in dealing with their most complex challenges.

R1's strength consists in acting as a network of businesses and professionals to offer the customers, regardless of their size or industry within which they operate, efficient and concrete objectives.

The organization of the group on the network logic allows for maximum response speed and flexibility, complementary, well-focused skills.

We offer to all our customers, among which there are nonprofit institutions and organizations, three assets that we consider essential: high professional standards, a collaborative and flexible approach to consulting and the most innovative ideas.

We provide our customers with talented individuals, coming from different backgrounds, endowed with consistent economic and management knowledge, functional and industry competences acquired in the field and constantly renewed through training and research activities.


Our work is based on a rigorous comprehension of the contexts within which our customers operate, of the industry dynamics and the macro-economic scenario. This is why we invest resources every year in the development, in the codification and in the dissemination of knowledge.

We examine the markets, the trends and the best emergent practices in every field, locally and globally. We dedicate time and competences to develop these ideas, which are integral to our capacity to help customers to reach their objectives.