Strategic Consultancy

We provide our customers a high level of service, inspired by excellence. We work together with them to solve the most complex set of problems, to develop and to implement the solutions proposed and to generate high-impact results. Our approach is results-oriented.

We only agree to follow a project if we are convinced that it could have a significant, distinct and lasting impact on the customer's performance.

To guarantee the maximum level of competence in every industry and operating area to our customers, we provide teams capable of satisfying their specific requirements, getting our most qualified consultants and experts involved, in short times.

We work with our customers the same way we work internally, side by side, in one single team. We transfer to them the necessary skills and competences, getting them involved in every stage of the project, so as to enable them to proceed independently event after its conclusion.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? It is what allows you to know your business so as to make the right choices.

Charisma, character and personality, are all helpful to the entrepreneur, but to have the information is something else.

 Data are the resources of the companies. Data analysis, Knowledge, Growth and Innovation. These are the tools for a successful business.

Thanks to Business Analytics and its partners R1 provides Consulting to the Italian SMEs.

Thanks to the use of specific software for Business Intelligence, which convert the information into knowledge, we give companies the possibility to explore, analyze and use their own data transforming them into growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities are given by the knowledge of one's own potential to know exactly which are the strong points of one's own structure to leverage them and which are the weak points to eliminate them.

 Do you find yourselves under these circumstances? Are the data of your company, which are needed to make decisions, flowing freely through your hands? If you are not sure about it, we offer consulting services for BI and we can check your company together with you. Contact us now!

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ICT & Technology

ICT & Technology

Together with our customers we are constantly evolving in order to define and implement the best fitting strategies to make full use of the opportunities offered by the new technological trends and be able to compete in all the economy sectors.

The technology infrastructures are a priority for many SMEs, for two main reasons: on the one hand they are an area subject to strong innovative motivations, such cloud computing or the software-defined paradigms; on the other hand, they are a source of quality, safety and stability issues, besides being a prevalent and often hardly transparent cost item within the IT budget.

We help our customers to maximize the value of their technology infrastructures supporting them in defining the technological stacks of the future, in designing the CTO area operational model, in optimizing productivity with Lean techniques, in defining and supporting the implementation of complex infrastructure programs such as the migration to cloud.

Furthermore, we outline a detailed framework of the infrastructure capabilities of the organization and we identify the opportunities to improve performance in terms of cost and of quality.

Finally, we collaborate with our customers to identify the platforms on which to concentrate the investments and the ones on which to lower the load, designing at the same time the organizational and operational changes needed to fully seize the value offered by the cutting-edge platforms.

We are able to offer 360 degrees consulting:

  • Analysis and development of customized software
  • Analysis and development of customized technologies
  • System Integration Analysis
  • Networking
  • IT security
  • IT management
  • Temporary management
  • Software selection
  • Innovation

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Every single SME must deal with ever more complex risks and the decisions made by the managers for their management may have significant impacts on the economic performance of the company. We help our customers to manage and draw value out of a correct management of the risks inherent to all aspects of the company life, of choices related to the company investment strategy, of loans to supplies.

We always offer our customers specific and dedicated professional assistance, using in-depth operational and sector competences and a network of experts. We have available a network of advanced analytics experts for the most complex models and assessments.

We identify the natural risk of the business, we carry out an integrated diagnosis research of the supported risks, we establish the constructs of risk management and we manage the risk profile and the return profile adopting an entrepreneurial perspective.

We fine tune projects of reduction of the losses generated by the operational risks in all the sectors and in all the company processes (production, supply or distribution), by the reputational risks and by the risks correlated to regulation.

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Marketing e Vendite

Marketing and Sales

Fragmentation of the consumer segments. Proliferation of brands and channels. Increase of the end user's contact cost. Standardization of the products and services offer. Progressive transfer of value from production to distribution. To overcome these challenges, we help our customers to integrate marketing with other company functions and the stakeholders, making full use of the digital potentialities.

In Marketing, the fragmentation of consumer segments and the polarization of consumption, the proliferation of products and the expansion of the brand portfolio, the increase of the ways of interaction with the user, the explosion of the communication channels and the realization of an integrated marketing strategy.

In Sales, the optimization of the return on investments made, the identification and the leveraging of “granular” growth areas, the alignment of the sales channels in a multi-channel way and the formation of a high-performance sales force.

To deal with these trends, we make available to our customers competences, methodologies and the tools developed by our new service lines:

We also make available to our customers our network of professionals able to seize the big data potential with advanced analytical techniques and to translate the acquired information into concrete actions of digital marketing, pricing, promotions, optimization of the range and management of the user life cycle.

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Corporate Security Management

Corporate Security Management

“The safety of the city doesn't depend much on the strength of its fortifications, but rather on the state of mind of its inhabitants’’.   Thucydides

R1 offers its customers a modern and efficient approach in the security management, providing solutions that support the business development and the company culture.

Some of our main services:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Security services (Site Protection, Daily Secure Transportation, Convoy Protection, Maritime security)
  • Evacuation
  • Travel Security

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Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

‘’The companies of the future... the companies that innovate today’’

Successful leaders define strategy as a constant process of alignment of the activity and investment portfolio of their companies to the long-term objectives, established on the basis of opportunities and external risks. To help our customers to identify, develop and build winning strategies, we offer them innovative ideas and consolidated competences at each stage of the strategic process.

We offer our customers competences, innovative methodologies and tools that, in the light of the reference context, support the development of the best strategy able to generate value in time.

Our approach:

  • Analysis of the reference context
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation of the strategy in the organization


We developed an integrated approach to identify and analyze the main critical issues of the company, set and realize the necessary actions to deal with them and provide the strategic action with a rigorous performance measurement system.

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An efficient organization is the keystone needed to deal with challenges such as the globalization, the rapid technological changes and the growing need of talents. SMEs are required to have more flexibility and the capacity to balance their attention to the current results by creating future growth options. To help them to cope with or to anticipate changes, we lend our analytical rigor and our functional competences.

We assist SMEs that must align their organizational structures to the company objectives, improving both short-term performance and their long-term organizational “health”, making available to them our competences and our professionals.

We back up our customers in designing their company's organizational structure, in articulating specific functions, in defining management and decision-making processes, helping them to create an efficient, lean and functional organization.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

BCM - Business Continuity Management - is a complex multidisciplinary process meant to identify the activity interruption risks, to analyze potential impacts on the organization and, therefore, to prepare adequate Business Continuity Plans destined to keep an organization alive even after a disaster.

We support SMEs to build a BCM model under such circumstances guaranteeing resilience to the organization, i.e. its capacity to respond efficiently to the property interests-inherent threats, its reputation and its capacity to create value.

Our main objective is to provide SMEs with the organizational tools that facilitate the continuation of their business activities even when dealing with adverse and/or extreme circumstances by introducing adequate Business Continuity Strategies, defining objectives and methods for the reactivation of the interrupted activities and a careful planning for the business risk management and the crisis management.

BCM therefore allows for a reduction of confusion enhancing the efficiency of the decisions in case of crisis and minimizing the asset loss of the organization.

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