The internationalization activity is meant to support, in all aspects, the establishment or the foreign business development of the Italian SMEs.

We operate in Tunisia, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Romania and more generally throughout the Balkans, where we have partners or partners with proven experience and professional skills and deep knowledge of the territory.

Why choose Tunisia?

Tunisia has signed free-trade agreements with the Maghreb countries and with other countries from Africa and the Middle East, presenting itself today as the privileged-access and, in some cases, mandatory gate to enter those markets. Our company mission is to accompany Italian companies to countries that offer great business opportunities, but which, for their history and culture, are difficult to comprehend for a european Company.

Why choose Romania, Serbia or better yet the Balkans?

Thanks to their barycentric positions in the Balkans area, to their economic characteristics and to the bilateral treaties signed the markets of these two countries are an interesting solution for the Italian SMEs which intend to start in these areas a production activity, open a business unit or simply activate an import/export channel.

Why choose Ukraine or the Russian Federation?

Ukraine, thanks to new legislation on investments, low labor costs and reduced tax burden, is the ideal trading partner due to its strategic geographical position, a bridge with Kazakhstan, Russia and other Central Asian republics . These are the elements that drive more and more Italian companies to transfer their activities in whole or in part.

Russia is the main supplier of energy products in the world but has an industrial base and a primary sector still relatively underdeveloped; Italy, on the other hand, does not have raw materials but boasts a wide and diversified manufacturing and agri-food sector. It is a complementarity between the two production systems that makes the two natural countries economic and commercial partners. Complementarity is reflected not only in the trade balance but also in the numerous joint ventures that favor the transfer of technology.

R1 lends itself therefore as an interlocutor for the operational aspects among which:

  • Logistics support
  • Legal support
  • Administrative support
  • Business support
  • HR selection and management
  • Public Relations
  • Research and identification of subsidized loans and contributions.
  • Banking system support

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